HALAL ETF Screening

Start screening ETF and funds. If you are individual investor, audit the ETF you are investing in or willing to invest in. If you are a financial advisor, check if you can offer your ETF for customer willing to invest according to the Islamic standards.

How It Works?

How It Works?

Upload details

You upload fund constituents (Ticker, Company name, etc.) whether it is new or already existing ETF.

Review processing

We run the review based on 5 Islamic investment methodologies. That means more chance to meet your customer need.

Get Feedback

You will get a detailed report such as the compliance percentage (e.g. 98 % of your fund constituents pass the Halal Test). {{report link}}


  • One time payment.
  • A flat rate of $99 for limited time only.
Get started

Shariah Audit of ETF

You are individual, investing in Halal ETF and you have some doubt about the shariah compliance of the fund. Simply, submit the fund constituent and keep it for us. You will get the answer.

Halal Stocks

Compliance of offering

You are a fund manager, registered investment advisor or financial planner and you would like to:

Finispia for institution

Instant ETF screening

Fully automated service to get ETF screening

Unlimited Portfolios

Flexibility to create the portfolio your want

Easy import

Import fund constituents and check compliance instantly

Five Halal Test Methodologies

Five Halal Standards means more chance to meet your customer need

Get Alert

Stay on the top of your portfolios

Export option

Export Halal stocks on format of your preference and start the real work

Wide Stock Universe

Find Halal Stocks in more than 90 stock Exchanges

Multiple users

You can grant access to up to 5 users from your organization

Watch list

Keep your hand picked stock in a watch list

Product available only for corporates and financial institutions. A beta version is under development.
To request a demo. Please reach out to us.
Excellence get Noticed

Excellence get Noticed

We have been nominated as the Most Reliable Islamic Fintech 2020 in North America according to the “Global Brand Magazine”.

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